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Friday, August 4th, 2006

Subject:#&*@! ticketmaster!!!!!!!!
Time:1:19 am.
Trying to get tix to see Cleveland vs. Detroit--- SATNDing room only! Drive 3 hours to stand around???? You gotta be kidding me! I'll take it though.. much needed mini vacation for me and the Mrs.

After last nights' totally UNcool early hour mini squabble I think things are looking up. I hope to GOD that the name "Bobbi" never comes up again! Since that is sure to not happen, I'd be willing to accept 3 Bobbi-free days at best.

It's so late and still I'm moving ( Which I loathe ) but you know "a girl's gotta do..." There are about twenty things I should be doing right now and yet I'm still here- typing- must stop the insanity! Have to break away! **** THinking about switching to a paper journal*** I know,i know, that's a throwback move for sure but who says newer is better? Maybe the simple act of putting pen to paper is more fulfilling than sitting alone in a room typing endlessly thoughts that very few get to hear.

Did I mention that I'm missing a Boyz II Men concert tomorrow??? Talk about life change... It's amazing what you'll do when you are in love.

The wife is finally out of the shower so i suppose that would be my cue. Oh well Another day... ten less dollars.

Chelsea OUt
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Thursday, August 3rd, 2006

Time:2:33 am.
Mood: angry.
Someone who loves you should always (in my world) be there, ATTENTIVE when you really need them to. SO much has happened in such a short time i just think that the light behind the clouds is slowly fading away...

I'm so in love. So very much in love it just oozes from every pore. I see her and i live for her. But i don't get that 100% in return. She 's holding something back i know... Not for lack of expression (she says she loves me everyday) just lack of zip.
This has been the worst week for me, and I'm torn between putting my feelings aside to make sure that she's ok and just letting her rot because i couldn't be more upset at the last couple of days' events. I'm not sure whether or not she knows that I've cried more this week than in the last 5 years. Just not knowing - unsure that's what I am.

I don't even trust her the way i should- I DO but i always think there is one large detail that she left out. What if she did kiss her? What if she does care for her? What if this isn't working out and I'm the last one to know? WIth everything that has been going on it's so hard to stay true to what i know. I know she loves me.
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Saturday, June 3rd, 2006

Time:1:29 am.
Mood: sore.
Is it wrong to be happy about someone else's unhappiness? I don't mean just that but, I finally got her. She's everything i could have wanted and more... Only, i don't know... I just think at any moment, I'm going to loose someone I treasure so dear. She's supposed to be the strong one. The one who's the problem solver taking care of me, but I think I just gave her that role. It's not as if she ever asked for it. She never once asked for it. Maybe that's the problem. In the world that is Lexi and I, i need someone to take care of me -she needs someone who doesn't need her. I'll find a happy medium- and i hope soon. It just kills me that i still to this very day do not FULLY believe that i wasn't just "convenient"- she wasn't happy and i was just there... now I'm overjoyed and in love, and Lexi... is Lexi

Chelsea OUt
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Tuesday, April 12th, 2005

Time:1:13 pm.
Mood: working.
I'm so busy! Busy busy busy! I work and school everyday of the gd week! And i'm tired of it. Anywho on to other things...

So last night I'm sitting at this underground wine bar with on of my BRAND NEW lesbian friends that I work with, when she tells me that I'm a bad person. Hmmmmmm, why you ask? Because I'm acting like a boy she says. Let's back track shall we? There's this new boy in my life see, we'll call him "J". J works with me, and he's QUITE attractive if i do say so myself, and it just so happens that we've been spending a little quality time together (strictly first base here. he's cute, i'm cute, why not cuddle right?) now, J has the concrete reputation of being the playa if you will, which is FINE cause i can't say that I'm not doing a little playing of my own (you know me) but right now i KNOW he's just trying to get some ass. Now keep in mind this is not what he says (for some reason, guys are under this illusion that girls can't just hit it and quit it like they can), he says all the right things... to get me into to bed(which i love cause it's not gonna happen). Meanwhile I'm using him too. I just got out of this two year relationship with Dan (not sad at all) and I'm pretty much affection starved. So ALL I WANT is someone to tell me I'm pretty, stroke my cheek, hold my hand and call me to say "hey, let's watch a movie". WHICH I GET! So what's so bad about us using each other? and WHY does that make ME the bad person? WHY? Cause i don't have a penis? NOT FAIR! You would think another woman would be proud of my 2005 mind frame, but nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, I'm a bad person.

ARE you kidding me? Get the fuck outta here! Are you kidding me. Then she proceeds to tell me how twisted I am. And why? I'll tell you why, because she's mad that i picked J over her. Sorry 'bout it. Sad but true. Well deal with it Bitch, that's what i say.

Whew! Glad to get that out. MJ form the REAL WORLD is coming to the bar around the corner from my crib on the 23rd and Flickerstick is in T minus 8 days and counting. I've got my eyes on the prize and his name is Fletcher (or MJ)! OH YEAH BABY! Gimme some of that ROCK STAR/ REALITY SHOW luvin! In fact, i WANT to wake up the morning after with a groupie story. And i won't be happy if i don't. Hope all is well with all of my homies in WWW land.


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Tuesday, March 8th, 2005

Time:1:27 pm.
Mood: contemplative.
Wow, It's kinda funny how you get all wrapped up in one life and your previously-current-future life passes you by. With school, bills, and work on the brain you just kinda forget about the little things that USED to mean so much. Take for instance birthdays: Last summer I missed Nicole's completely. didn't even think about it. This year, Tasha. I thought about it days before, and on the day, and again on the next day, and STILL i for got to call. I really feel awful I do. It almost makes it seem like I don't really care about things like that anymore when i really do. My little town is my heart and so are the people I love most in it. Friends from high school always go separate ways but, I don't ever want those friends to become a memory. I don't ever want to say " I USED to know this girl named Tasha..." but it seems like that already. I don't know her schedule, where she works, who's she's dating or where she even friggin' lives! **** TASHA THIS IS A PROBLEM **** But it's no one's fault really. It just is what it is. On a lighter note, FLICKERSTICK 4/20!!!! You know what that means... puff puff, pass pass. lol

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Monday, December 27th, 2004

Time:9:42 pm.
Mood: lazy.
In case you thought I died, i didn't. I have just been having the BEST time at home doing..... NOTHING! I mean let me tell you it feels great. I'm really chillin' out here man. But I think I'll pick it up for New Year's you know? Tip one up, or maybe more like six.

Anywho, hope everyone had and will have a great holiday. See ya!

Chelsea OUt
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Wednesday, December 15th, 2004

Subject:I'm addicted to television
Time:12:57 pm.
Mood: Fuckin' Christmas.
I tried SO hard to study last night for this fuckin final. My Prof practically handed me the answers and between THE BIGGEST LOSER and QUEER EYE FOR THE STRAIT GUY I couldn't get them memorized! I really need to hammer out some good quality work tonight. It's gonna be hard though cause AMERICA'S NEXT TOP MODEL FINALLY is on.... and tomorrow is the final APPRENTICE... so many choices.

To spread a little Christmas Joy I shall sing a little diddy just for you.

"I'll be home for Christmas... You can plan on me... Please have snow, and mistletoe... and Justin under the tree. Christmas eve will me, where the Bud Light gleams... I'll be home for Christmas... If only in my dreams".....

Anyone else feel like their life is at a complete stand still? Like, you just can't figure out what the hell is going on? I do :( Even worse It's the holidays, I've done NO christmas shopping yet, and I have $7 dollars to do it on. You do the math.

Chelsea OUT
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Thursday, December 9th, 2004

Time:12:28 pm.
Mood: the impossible IS possible.
After 13 YEARS of patiently waiting... pining away... dreaming, hoping, wishing and PRAYING... it happened. That's right, I, Chelsea Jeannette Williams, met in PERSON- the one, the only -BOYZ II MEN! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Can you not be happier for me? I mean really guys, you totally know what this means to me.

It was all like some kind of surreal parallel universe or something. It was happening, but i just kind of stood there and watched myself act like some obsessed crying mute or something. I was front and center and trust me i was in a daze. I remember i was looking at Nathan's shoes, and they just start walking toward me... all of a sudden i can see the little "breathing holes" in the top of his shoes( you know, for toe air circulation or something ). And then there's this hand in front of my face. It's not mine, or the girl's next to me... that's right it's Nate's hand. And what do I do? Grab it right? WRONG! I just stare at it. I stare for a good long time too, until the girl next to me grabs his hand. I don't remember hearing any music, or anything relevant to the venue... it's all some huge blur. I dunno, it was just all too real. I thought his hand was gonna touch me and I was gonna have some out-of-body experience or something, but no- weirdly enough it's just a hand??????? It's not supposed to be just a hand! It's supposed to be like touching GOD right? They're so attainable now, it's almost scary. It finally hit home after all this time. I get it now. They really ARE real people.

I thought Wanya's chin would look alot better up close, but it looks even worse in real life. He's got one of those ass chins you know... with the dimple. Goodness, obviously I could talk for another 13 years on the subject but i actually came to the lab with a scholastic purpose today.... so with that I guess I'll be gone. PLus the fact that January 29th it'll all be going down once again in Columbus so I'm positive that there will be more to speak of, I'll make sure of it.

Chelsea OUT
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Tuesday, November 30th, 2004

Subject:I feel really lax
Time:1:33 pm.
Mood: momma STILL luvs *Nsync.
BREAK SUCKED! OMG, never in my life have I felt some irritated by my family memebers... I curse my uncles ( they drive my nuts ), my mom was sick for Turkey day, my sister called me BI-RACIAL(wtf does that mean?), my nephew drove me crazy over birthday presents, Dan sucks ass, and i NEVER got a U-haul truck and therefore my stuff is STILL in Portsmouth! This means i have an apartment that I don't actually live in. On top of everything I never got any Macaroni and cheese because everyone ate it before I got there, and I never got my oral presentations together for Monday. So on Monday, I felt like a slacker. Happy fuckin' Turkey Day to me!

I'm tired of gripping though, I'm sooooo over the whole thing. Finals are coming and I've got my eyes on the prize. Since the big question for the next 25 days and counting will be "what do you want for Christmas?" I've decided to make it easy on ya.... IF ANYONE IS WONDERING WHAT I WOULD LIKE FOR CHRISTMAS HERE'S A LIST TO GET YOU STARTED.

CD's, Clothes, DVD's, PURSES (i luv purses), and... um... Justin Timberlake- NAKED-with a BLUE ribbon wrapped preciously around the *ahem "Goodies", that's right BLUE not red... and if anyone could make this happen for me, I would be eternally grateful and would gladly subject myself to random acts of sexual favors for the next 365 days of the year just for you. If in the event Mr. Timberlake isn't available, his counter part Cameron Diaz would suffice just nicely. But I would PREFER (and this is just a preference) Cameron with a GREEN BOW. Any questions please contact Chelsea at as soon as possible. Thankyou and have a lovely holiday.

Chelsea OUt
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Thursday, November 18th, 2004

Time:2:46 pm.
Mood: Need Advil.
I found and apartment with a roommate (who will NEVER live up to Tasha (*wink)) and the place is soooooooooooooooooo great. I think Sara and I will get along just fine, AND it's around the corner from my favorite restaurant BD's Mongolian Bar-b-que!!!! Can ya ask for anything more? I think not. Dan is in Cleveland this weekend.... boy o boy is it gonna be a long weekend. I'm swamped with work and all I want is a nap. And a cookie.

Chelsea OUt
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